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Loan Rates Savings Rates Fee Schedule

Effective as of: 02/23/2017
NSF check or ACH transaction$20.00
NSF deposit fee per item$20.00
Stop payment per member draft$10.00
Stop payment for Credit Union issued Check/Money Order$35.00
Check copy$1.50
Statement copy$3.00
Account history printout$2.00
Account reconciliation (1 hour minimum)$10.00
Transfer to cover NSF check - automatic$3.00
Transfer to cover NSF check - Overdraft loan$3.00
Transfer to cover NSF check - teller$3.00
Account closed within 3 months of opening$10.00
Wire transfer out fee$10.00
Wire transfer in fee$3.00
Western union transfer fee$20.00
Money Order - member$2.00
Audio Response per call$0.50
ATM transaction at an ATM machine$0.50
ATM replacement card$5.00
Christmas Club account withdrawal$25.00
Check withdrawal to other than member$1.00
Temporary checks per page (4 to a page)$1.00
Cashiers check$3.00
Loan pmt late fee - lesser of 20% of scheduled pmt or$20.00
PopMoney depends on amount and delivery time$.50 to $2.00